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Moviestarplanet Game

Moviestarplanet is a role-playing game that runs on all android and ios devices. It is a complete kids-friendly game where you can customize your characters, make their outfits, make movies, photos, creative designs, art books, and many more things.

MoviestarPlanet Hack Tool

The game offers you a chance to live the stardom and take out your inner creativity. When you search on how to hack moviestarplanet, there are multiple options, and most of them are illegitimate.

In this article, we will guide you throughout the legitimate moviestarplanet hack and cheats to earn StarCoins and rewards.

Moviestarplanet Hack Cheats To Earn Free Starcoins Diamonds

1. Spin The Bonus Wheel!

For spinning the wheel, you have to log in your account daily in the game. If not for long, then you can also collect your daily bonuses just by logging for a minute. Wait till you get to spin the wheel and then you can log out. But visit at least once in a day to collect them always.

spin the wheel earn free starcoins

If you are a free member, then you can use this moviestarplanet hack and spin the silver wheel once a day only. Although in the silver wheel the number of starcoins is less yet you can collect 5-40 starcoins daily from this wheel through this moviestarplanet hack.

When you have a VIP membership, then you will also get the chance to spin the gold wheel more than one time in a day, and that is the easiest among moviestarplanet cheats. VIP members can earn more Starcoins and rewards. The MSP VIP hack collects 25-200 starcoins daily.

Don’t forget to collect your rewards and coins while spinning the wheel. When you spin the wheel, the awards will start scattering around the screen. Move the pointer of your mouse to collect them individually.

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Another moviestarplanet unblocked way to collect more starcoins is by spending your diamonds for spinning the wheels. It will be entirely your decision to pay them or not. But, it is better to save your diamond for more essential purposes.

2. Finish The Quests

There will be several quests like watching movies, playing games, filling up your profile, etc. in the game for you to complete. These quests are the easiest moviestarplanet hack in the game to collect the rewards.

finish quest earn rewards

You just have to click on the Activities button, and then select the respective careers at the top of the screen. Now, a dialogue box will appear with the available quests.

To go ahead with the quest, click the ‘begin’ button. Complete the number of tasks in the quests and collect your starcoins by clicking on the ‘claim’ button. Now, the moviestarplanet cheats regarding it is to use your pointer to receive the bouncing rewards on the screen.

MoviestarPlanet Hack Tool

There are always a number quests daily, keep playing the quests by clicking begin button on the activities menu. When you are a moviestarplanet free VIP member, your rewards get doubled, and that is the best MSP VIP hack.

3. Watch Movies!

Another moviestarplanet hack to collect starcoins is by watching movies. You will find a film on the main menu of the game. In the main menu, you have to select the movies town on the screen to get a list of movies.

A large number of rewards is given by watching movies made by the other users in the MovieStarPlant. You have to view the full movie to claim your prizes. Usually, the movie is one minute long, and you have to rate it first. The moviestarplanet cheats in this regard are that the rewards will not be affected by the number of ratings you give.

You just have to give a genuine rating between 1-5 stars and Starcoins will start dropping in your account. With each movie, a reward of fame and ten starcoins are attached.

There is undoubtedly no moviestarplanet unblocked limit on watching some movies. You can keep watching the movies to collect coins quickly.

4. Play Games!

Playing games is another easy moviestarplanet hacks of collecting starcoins. You can find them on the main menu of the game screen.  There are a lot of games on the list which you can play against the other MovieStarPlanet players. You can choose from dress up, crazy cards, quiz, and casting.

Dress up games – In a dress up game, try to match from the specified theme to get more starcoins. Here all the players who participate in the competition will judge each other.

Crazy cards games – In a crazy cards game, try to matches the specific set of cards to get enough starcoins. If possible, go with the humorous answers, which are likely to be accepted by the judges.

Quizzes – In a quiz, three options will be given for you to choose from. The game is simple; the more the number of correct answers, the higher will be the chances of winnings. To get hold of the quiz, keep playing the quizzes.

Now the moviestarplanet cheats are simple in this regard. As you win the games, you will come across the spin wheel again. Claim your prizes by spinning the wheel.

5. Click on The ‘Invite Friends And Earn Starcoins’ Button

It is the most common moviestarplanet cheats of making starcoins. You can simply collect starcoins by clicking on the ‘invite friends and receive starcoins’ button. It will redirect you straight to the friend’s menu where you can start inviting the friends.

Now help your friends to reach level 6, and 200 starcoins will be directly transferred to the account. Try to invite as many friends as possible but don’t invest too much time in that.

6. Make Movies!

Just like other players, you can also make movies in MoveStarPlanet. In the movies town, you will find the whole process of making movies as well. Try to create an attractive movie to get more views. The moviestarplanet cheats  I can say is to get hundreds of views that can make you earn thousand of starcoins.

You can also take your friends as the actors in the game. Try to add your friends to your movie mostly as there are the ones who will undoubtedly watch your movies.

Once you are done with the making of the movie, start sending the emails to share your movie with other MoveStarPlanet players.

7. Love The Pets

Whenever you roam around the game, you will find people wandering about with their pets. Whenever you find any pet, you need to click on them. These pets will give you one star coin on each click.

The moviestarplanet cheats are you need to find the best players in the game who are ranked high. These players have many pets with them. Go to their pet room, and you can collect several starcoins.

8. Secret Moviestarplanet Hack To Earn Starcoins

Abobe suggestions are best among the gameplay itself to collect starcoins. However, we sill suggest you another best among all these moviestarplanet cheats that will fill your account with a handsome amount of starcoins.

MoviestarPlanet Hack Tool

The method is to have multiple accounts in Moviestarplanet.  It is straightforward and gives you various benefits.

But we suggest you create these accounts with an invitation from the first account. You will receive 200 starcoins for each account as you play up to level six. Also, create multiple movies in the secondary account and rate from the first to collect starcoins and fame.

Beware of the Scam Sites Promoting Moviestarplanet Hack

There will be many websites on the internet offering generators and mod apks for moviestarplanet free VIP. Before getting into the trap, we highly recommend you stay away from such sites and check the authenticity of the sites first.

Get to know that there is no way other than to purchase diamonds on the game to make diamonds of enormous quantity. You can also get some diamonds by buying magazines.

There are no such things like generators and apks that can tell you how to hack moviestarplanet. So, better follow the legitimate ways only to keep all your details safe.


So here comes the end with all legitimate moviestarplanet hack of earning starcoins. Although the methods are quite limited; yet once you are accustomed to these methods, you will start generating the coins quickly.

Download the game now and live the life of a celebrity with fame, fortune, and friends. Make new friends, chat with them and help around the game. Show your creativity by making movies, creating outfits, making art books and have a lot of fun!!